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Fuel System Service in Avondale, AZ at Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Avondale

Over time, the fuel injection system of your new Chrysler or Jeep may wear down, with parts such as spark plugs or fuel injectors wearing down around 30,000 miles or so. Your fuel delivery system is comprised of an intricate series of parts, with some accumulating deposits over time due to frequent usage, requiring cleaning, and other parts simply in need of swapping out for new parts. If your fuel delivery system needs service, we strongly advise you to schedule a service appointment here at Larry H. Miller for fuel system maintenance and replacement parts Our service department is on-site here in Avondale, AZ at 10055 W. Papago Freeway.

Maintenance Required for Efficiency

You should schedule a fuel system service and cleaning once every 36 months or once every 45,000 miles, whichever event occurs first. Once you bring your Chrysler or Jeep in to our service center, our technicians will ensure the fuel tank is clean and free of deposits, along with the fuel lines and injection system. Once they are finished, they'll fill the tank up with fresh gasoline and will keep an eye out for any parts which should be replaced. The fuel filter is one part which should undergo replacement once every 30,000 miles, so be sure to keep that in mind to help keep your fuel system clean.

Fuel system service is an important part to keeping your Jeep or Chrysler running smoothly, with no excessive emissions and preserving optimal fuel efficiency. However, should you have any questions about your fuel system, be on the lookout for these important signs and symptoms:

  • Stalling, general startup issues during ignition
  • Surging and bucking when starting up the engine or when throttle is disengaged
  • Rough/aggressive noise when idling
  • Engine stalls during acceleration, horsepower does not reach full revolutions per minute (rpm)
  • Excessive emissions, decreased fuel economy

Schedule a Fuel System Service Today

If you spot any and all of these signs, be sure to contact our service department at Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Avondale for a fuel system service cleaning. Our service center technicians will clean your fuel system using high-strength chemicals and replace any parts as needed to ensure your fuel system continues to deliver optimal performance for as long as possible. Come see us today!


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