AC repair & service in Avondale, AZ

Are you having air condition problems?

I think we all understand how important it is to make sure your air conitioner is working its best living in Arizona. We are here to help you out with any problems you are having. Is it releasing a musty odor? Is it not blowing cold air anymore? We have the answers!

  • Why does my A/C have weak airflow?
  • A clogged or dirty cabin filter, weak blower motor, broken HVAC blend door or blend door actuator

  • Are there any signals or alerts that tell me there is a problem with my A/C?
  • Unusual odor, intermittent vent temperature changes, compressor not engaging

  • Why isn't my A/C as cold as it used to be?
  • Compressor needs service(recharge), refrigerant leaks, broken blend doors blocking air from directional vent setting

  • My A/C starts off cool, but then gets warm, what causes this?
  • A/C System leaks, engine cooling problems or leaks, expansion valve issue

  • Why is there a nasty odor coming from the A/C Vents?
  • Mold/mildew buildup on the evaporator, exterior odors from other sources passing through vents, heater core leak, evaporator coil leak

  • How do you test for an A/C system leak?
  • We inject a phosphorous dye into the system and then run the system using a special light where the dye will show up at the leak location. Also can use pressure gauges to check low and high side pressures.

  • What causes an A/C system leak?
  • A broken or weakened O-ring or seal. A crack in a line, fitting or component such as the condenser, compressor or evaporator.